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Adidas Leotards

Adidas leotards are now available from Elite Sportswear for both teams and individuals alike. This new collection features the 2008 Olympic leotard styles warn by Nastia Liukin and gold medalist Shawn Johnson in Beijing China.

Choose from a range of Adidas leotard essential styles from one of the worlds leading sports clothing manufacturers always delivering excellent value for money, this is why they are the choice of champions. All made exclusivly by GK.

Adidas is a German based sports company started by brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in 1921 and in 1936 supplies four time gold medal winner Jesse Owens with his Trainers.

In 1941 the brothers split and Rudolf formed Puma Adolf formed Adidas. It was registered as Adidas on 18 August 1949.

At first the three stripes was meant to keep the foot stable, but later was made into the logo.

Adolf died in 1978 and his son Horst and wife Kathe took over the management. Horst died 9 year later in 1989.

Best quality, best variety, best fit, best service.

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We accept all major Credit/Debit cards when purchasing through the website directly. If your are not sure about your card, please contact us on 01827 717703 and one of our dedicated team of advisors will be glad to assist you.

Adidas Leotards
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